Samantha J. Strong

General Contractor,
NAR Green Designee

Email Samantha at
o. 612.782.2000
c. 612.226.5775

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Morph: What neighborhood do you live in?
Sam: I live in the CARAG neighborhood of Uptown, Minneapolis. I'm on the Board. Come to a meeting and learn about the great work we're doing!

M: Favorite restaurants, clubs, hang-outs, favorite things about the cities?
S: I'm drawn to a quiet atmosphere with a decent wine list, generous happy hour, and a gluten-free, veggie-friendly menu. (Yes, I eat most of my meals at home.) Restaurants within walking distance top the list. But sometimes the best thing is just sipping wine in my back yard, followed by a walk around Calhoun.

M: What do you do for fun?
S: This is going to sound sick, but I absolutely love my job! Helping people buy, sell, and renovate homes really is my passion. But if you twist my arm, hanging out with friends, thrift shopping, attending art exhibits, old movies, a good rock show, and baseball are up there.

M: What do you do in your everyday life, and your home to be 'green'?
S: Hmm, this is a tough one. Don't think about "being green", perhaps just hardwired this way. Some would call it "thrifty" (thanks, Mom!). Eating fresh and organic, composting, buying second hand, conserving energy, installing low-flow faucets and toilets, living "not-so-big", driving a hybrid, and living where I work.

M: 2 truths and a lie?
S: I'm a Macalester graduate (go, Geology Department!). I have an excellent memory. I have an extensive heavy metal collection (on tape even!).

M: If money was no object, what projects would you do to your home?
S: Ha! Living in a 1909 behemoth, the list is endless. For starters: window refurbishment, a steel roof, redo my micro kitchen, rebuild the garage to include a studio, and landscape the backyard- I want a wood-fired pizza oven. Looks like I'll be working for a long, long time.

M: Why do you love working at Metamorphosis?
S: Metamorphosis is my baby. The joy I get from working for myself is something I hope everyone finds in their lives. It's empowering, and I'm helping people. And now that we're growing, I can only imagine what great work we will do!