Uptown Attic and Porch Overhaul

The clients always dreamed of converting their home’s attic into a master suite with a deck overlooking the Minneapolis skyline. The remodel exceeded the client’s expectations, converting an attic with bowed beams and uneven floors into a third floor getaway, complete with a walk-in closet, Dutch elm flooring, custom cabinetry, extra storage space and a bathroom utilizing low-flow fixtures. By restoring the original turn of the century windows, the attic was able to retain some of the space’s turn of the century charm, while creating a luxurious area with natural materials, unique lighting and impeccable craftsmanship.

Design by Lisa La Nasa.

Green features: locally sourced Dutch Elm floor and bathroom countertop, railing composed of Veritas resin panels and Dutch Elm posts, a dual flush toilet, low flow shower head, LED lights, closed-cell spray foam insulation.

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